Oil and Gas Marketing Agency:
Powerful Copy That Fuels Sales

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest in the world, generating an estimated $2.2 trillion annually. Yet, despite its importance for society, the sector’s reputation has suffered greatly in recent years, necessitating more than ever the need of an oil and gas marketing agency to help weather the storm of change.

Volatile market forces influenced by a pandemic and turbulent political situations have zapped consumer confidence in oil and gas firms.

If you’re a marketer at an energy company, you’re bound to be aware of your customers’ discontent with rising energy prices and the perception that oil and gas firms are obstructing the fight against climate change.

On top of that, poor customer service and outdated communications mean many energy companies are fighting an uphill battle in forming a modern, friendly image.
oil and gas marketing agency
Oil and gas marketing teams are trying their best to stem the tide of discontent, but the rapidly changing nature of today’s energy industry means that new communication styles, marketing strategies, and an image overhaul are what energy firms need to keep pace with their rivals.

This is where an oil and gas marketing agency can step in to provide specialist guidance in uncertain and unpredictable times.

Oil and gas marketing has to adapt to an ever-changing industry. Put your trust in Brevo, an oil and gas marketing agency, to keep your company ahead of the competition.

Why oil and gas marketing needs to adapt

For many years, oil and gas marketing relied on word-of-mouth strategies. Companies knew that customers – including businesses, families and friend groups – often used the same supplier for energy products and services, which are based on referrals or a lack of access/difficulty switching to other companies.

Cold calls and in-person meetings were the keys to new customers, with an online presence staying off the radar.

Until now.

Digital marketing is on the up, with figures showing an 11.8% global increase during 2020. Oil and gas companies are waking up to the fact that a powerful digital presence is a must if they are to keep the flow of new customers pumping and to stay ahead of their increasingly efficient rivals.

Here are 3 digital marketing trends that energy companies need to keep on top of:

1. Everyone is online now

The digital age means that most people search for oil and gas products and services online – be they individuals or corporations. Instead of one-to-one sales calls, your company can broadcast the same message to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers — which means you have to get your communications just right.

A vibrant, engaging website that encapsulates the very best of your company is a must-have, while tailored email marketing and social media content need to be on-point to attract the very best traffic to it.

2. Digital marketing tools are evolving

Rapid technological advances across the world have brought us to the cusp of the world of Web 3.0 technology.

Marketing automation and machine learning are key tools that helps us measure sales figures and rates of return, while emerging sales and prospecting software collates valuable customer data that helps you understand behavior and future intentions.

This rate of change isn’t slowing, it’s getting faster -- which is why energy firms must keep their foot on the gas and create a razor-sharp digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of their rivals.

3. Image is more important than ever

Gone are the days when customers received just a paper bill with a formal request for payment from their energy company, and that was it.

Growing public concern around the use of fossil fuels and climate change means customers demand a thoughtful, caring image from your oil and gas firm; and confidence that your business is one they can trust.

In the business world, corporate social responsibility is top of the agenda for many companies.

Pushed by stakeholders to show a ‘greener image’, businesses cannot afford to associate with a polluting company, so finding an energy provider that ticks all the eco-friendly boxes is paramount. Research has shown that this green image positively correlates with increased customer loyalty and, in turn, company performance.

Authority-building articles and blogs, creative social media marketing, and reassuring client testimonials are just three things that your firm can’t do without when it comes to building an empathetic brand image.

Instead of just bills and stats, customers want to see case studies of your work, as well as content that showcases your expertise, giving them peace of mind that they are making the right decision when signing up for your services.

Oil and gas marketing agency: What we do

Brevo is riding the wave of digital transformation, and we specialize in providing companies with many new bows to add to their strategic arrow.

In short, we assess your current services to develop an overarching creative marketing strategy that will guide you toward a specific goal.

In the oil and gas industry, the purpose of this strategy should be to reassure both individual end users and corporate customers that they will be in good hands once they sign up with you. It will involve building your authority through quality educational content, and using the latest metrics to help you analyze consumer behavior.

A well-delivered oil and gas marketing strategy marries together several marketing angles and acts as a springboard for long-term company success.

1. Website Design

Your website is the window to your business. According to our research, 94% of first impressions are design-related and, in an oil and gas industry where public perception is crucial, you have to get it just right.

Brevo makes sure that your revamped site suits the evolving digital landscape of the business world. Our team of designers will make it the central hub of your digital content universe by hitting four key cornerstones:

• An eye-catching design (using advanced technical tools) to form an instant winning first impression
• Fully responsive to mobile use
• Maximum search engine visibility
• Optimal loading time using lightweight vector designs and interfaces

2. Content Marketing and Annual Report Writing

Content marketing is a blend of several different types of compelling content, with all of them united by one common purpose: to engage with the customer and convince them that your oil and gas company is the one for them.

One of the most effective formats is digital storytelling, a flexible vehicle that you can use to educate your target audience via animated videos and tutorials.

Producing annual sustainability reports, too, allows you to communicate concrete proof that your company is backing up its eco-friendly rhetoric with action — but we believe the traditional format of reams of stuffy corporate jargon appeals to no one.

Instead, we aim to make reports accessible and relatable to customers so your firm can take control of the narrative. Our team of talented copywriters specialize in weaving reports into bright and bold digital marketing campaigns, delivering this vital information to your audience in the form of reader-friendly posts and intuitive, SEO-powered blog articles.

At Brevo, we’re confident that our formula of mixing data with art is the most effective way of getting your message across, hitting that sweet spot of building authority while also captivating your audience with interactive media.

3. Social Media

Social media platforms continue to be a crucial tool in the battle for the hearts and minds of oil and gas customers.

In the B2C segment, people are spending more time than ever on top platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, which means it's more important than ever to hit them directly through their timelines. In the B2B market, LinkedIn is the prism through which companies assess their energy providers, with managers more likely to spend time reading longer posts and taking note of how your firm is meeting eco-friendly demands.

The problem is, with 24/7 news feeds and intense competition from rivals, maintaining an effective social media presence requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

The right oil and gas marketing agency will know what it takes to create clever social media content that brings the company closer to the customer while generating valuable information via personalized feeds.

4. Visual branding

Ask 100 people what they think about the oil and gas industry, and many respond negatively, citing its reputation as a harmful industry with an old-fashioned outlook.

This is why branding is so essential. Brevo specializes in visual branding that invigorates your energy company image and evokes emotion among customers. It helps your company stick in the mind of customers, and make them think of you when they come to making a decision about their energy use.

Today, modern oil and gas companies are projecting themselves as lifestyle brands rather than the fusty, old-fashioned firms of yesteryear. Attractive branding is the backbone of this approach.

5. Verbal branding

Verbal branding needs to go hand-in-hand with visual branding. It needs to be the human voice to the attractive social media handles, and the persuasive words to the visual spectacle of animation videos.

Having a solid verbal brand identity is key in building consumer trust, a fundamental need in the oil and gas industry. If customers can identify with your voice of reason and authority, then they’re much more likely to stick with you.

An oil and gas marketing agency like Brevo keeps your voice steady and reassuring in volatile and unpredictable times.

An oil company win: Designing a compelling new website and social media campaign for Phoenix Petroleum

The rapid rise of Phoenix Petroleum even took its own management team by surprise. Founded in Davao in the southern Philippines, Phoenix Petroleum is an independent oil company that has made major strides within the national oil and gas industry during its first years of operation.

Phoenix came to Brevo requesting an upgrade in their digital communications campaigns to reflect its new status as the 4th-ranked oil company in the Philippines. The goal was to appear edgy, yet sophisticated: to retain its image as a disruptive company, while also coming across as a leading player.

The Brevo team saw right away that Phoenix needed a website overhaul that straddled these two domains: a fresh, daring appearance backed up with solid credentials.

How did Brevo, the oil and gas marketing specialist, handle this?

We set about this makeover in three stages.
• First, we took apart the old website, reorganizing over 250 pages of material in the process, including investor relations pages and PR archives.

• Second, we gave the site a new, compelling design. Phoenixfuels.ph was given intuitive functionality, upscaling the site’s information architecture so that it could handle a tidal wave of new traffic and a ream of new media coverage in its own lane. We also installed a brand new content management system (CMS) that targeted key customers with info-rich media along these lines.

• Finally, once the framework was stable, we revved up the site’s UI/UX to give Phoenix web visitors a faster browsing experience; added two critical microsites to the main page; rewrote the web content; and even hosted a special photoshoot for the management.

What happened next?

The Phoenix team was ecstatic about the makeover ― and so was the website industry.

The revamped website won a Gold Stevie Award for Best Energy Website at the annual event in London, UK, and Phoenix has continued its remarkable progress. In 2020, it rose to become the third-top oil firm in the country, with a market share of 7.10%.
Ready to give your oil and gas brand a digital makeover? Brevo knows which switches to flick to make you the go-to choice for customers. Contact us today!
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