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luxury hotel marketing agency
Tourism hasn’t been the same since 2020, and luxury hotel and property brands in particular have been pressed to adapt to new narratives emerging in the world of post-pandemic travel, making the use of a luxury hotel marketing agency more important than ever.

In particular, a luxury hotel marketing agency can teach luxury hotel brands and property developers how to market their brands in today’s new tourism context, deploying updated customer engagement strategies for your website, social media accounts, and overall brand messaging.

This shift in thinking has become necessary.

The pandemic spelt disaster for a lot of industries, but the hospitality industry was one of the worst-hit. A survey by McKinsey showed occupancy rates dropping below 15% for luxury hotels, and there are a variety of reasons why this has happened.

Understanding these underlying changes in luxury tourism guest behavior is important as we learn to better market to new expectations. Here are some of the biggest changes that luxury hotels and developers must now consider:

1. The shift to “experiential luxury”

Pre-pandemic luxury hotels got by on advertising restful views, comfortable beds, and gastronomically inspiring meals. But with multiple lockdowns and remote-friendly meetings, most people now crave more than just comfort and staying indoors for fine dining when looking to get away for vacation. Instead, visitors now tend to desire more ‘experiential luxury’ — replete with exotic locales and local cuisine — to be tempted to book a stay.
luxury hotel marketing agency

2. Considerations for health and safety have grown

With a global Covid death toll nearing 6 million, many people maintain worries about health safety and rightly so. According to a report titled ‘The Future of Hospitality’ by Deloitte, the focus on customer health and safety will be the way forward for luxury businesses looking to scale in the post-pandemic world.
luxury hotel marketing agency

3. Work-vacations (or workations) have come in vogue

With work-from-home turning into work-from-essentially-anywhere, busy people with children, CEOs, and entrepreneurs alike are looking to luxury hotels, properties and resorts for long-term work stays. The number of locals wanting to get out of their homes and to hotels within driving distance spiked 50%.

The Hilton Luxury Group has even commented, “in the luxury hotel space, servicing the work-from-hotel trend can be a winning strategy for building and retaining loyalty.”

As it turns out, forward-thinking hotels need to work ahead of the curve in order to simultaneously offer a range of services that are equally appealing to business, family, and digital nomad travellers — all of which can fit into the new work-from-hotel norm – making the help of updated luxury hotel marketing techniques an essential tool in the post-pandemic tourism industry.
luxury hotel marketing agency
However, marketing luxury hotel experiences is different from marketing luxury products, and thus requires a range of industry-specific creative solutions that involve both specific visual and verbal branding to cater to changing priorities, health and safety concerns, and updated bucket lists.

This is where a luxury hotel marketing agency like Brevo, takes the lead.
Looking to update how your brand interacts and communicates in a post-pandemic world? Get in touch with Brevo, and we’ll set up a new strategy built to boost digital engagement and acquisition.
luxury hotel marketing agency

Luxury Hotel Marketing Agency: What We Do

At Brevo we do a deep dive into your services, value proposition, and brand messaging to tailor it for those seeking bespoke experiences.

As a boutique creative marketing agency, we understand that customization doesn’t come easy—especially where attention to fine detail is paramount. Therefore, to craft our luxury marketing solutions for hotels we delve into seven niche services that come together to define your brand and the experiences it embodies

1. Creative Marketing

Creative marketing can generate visibility, interest, and even advocacy for your luxury hotel brand. A luxury hotel marketing agency like Brevo takes all of the moving parts—in the form of content, images, and data—to create bespoke solutions that appeal to a targeted audience.

We deeply study your target audience personas and create campaigns that instill curiosity and incites emotion. We adopt an insights-driven approach to make sure each creative marketing campaign speaks to the person you most want to connect with.
luxury hotel marketing agency
luxury hotel marketing agency

2. Social Media

Social media is where people invest over 50 percent of their (already considerable) screen time.

With an average user spending over two hours on social media, your social media presence needs to be proactive in its messaging. Alignment with the brand values—across all posts, reels, video clips, and live sessions—on social media accounts can draw a lot of customers to your services.

Brevo understands that social media marketing is an important marketing function and the backbone of social proof and repeated innovation.

The Ritz Carlton Maldives has almost 50,000 followers and their social media presence is enhanced by a thoughtfully curated feed and exclusive segments for experiences, celebrations, culinary, coverages, and local expeditions.

3. Web Design

Website design brings together almost as many aspects of innovation as creative marketing does. For a luxury hotel brand, a website can be one of the biggest converters. This is the place where people check out amenities, read reviews and—most importantly—book their stays.

A website is the online embodiment of your brand and must appear as such. The level of luxurious detail in your hotels must come through in the website design and a luxury hotel marketing agency is a professional way to get this done.

At Brevo, we ensure that your website best displays the values your luxury hotel brand embodies and that your message is communicated clearly and effectively.

The team at M Residences (a luxury townhomes brand) wanted a creative website design that showcased luxury living as not just an add-on but as a lifestyle touchpoint. Brevo created this through creative story building through pictures and emotional captions that highlighted M Residences’ strengths.
luxury hotel marketing agency
luxury hotel marketing agency

4. Writing

A mix of copywriting and design is essential to communicate excellence in your annual reports and messaging. Especially for a luxury hotel brand— finesse and attention to detail will speak volumes for the brand’s overall credibility.

A luxury hotel must regularly update copy for all of its amenities such as gyms, pools, saunas while making sure their visitor is at the centre of messaging.

At Brevo’s luxury hotel marketing operation we make sure that the copy works not just for your customers but also for your stakeholders.

Brevo illustrated the annual report for Robinson’s Retail to capture the key themes in text while also making sure the information was on-brand and interactive.

5. Visual Branding

This research paper by the Journal of Business Research on luxury marketing explains that a desire for luxury is generated through enrichment. Stories take shape when luxury is defined through rich visual media along with creative copywriting.

Visual branding goes beyond colours and typography in order to speak to the overall aesthetic of the brand.

A luxury hotel marketing agency like Brevo pays attention to the finer visual components that make up your luxury brand. This ensures that whenever your target audience sees these colours and fonts in one place they are instinctively reminded of your brand.

For example, for the brand Traveloka, Brevo used a sans font and shades of turquoise and white. We also used squiggly lines and scribbles to represent an ‘off-the-beaten-path’ approach and made sure these elements made repeat appearances across multiple touchpoints.

Whether it was a social media campaign, a youtube ad or a billboard—Traveloka was easy to identify because of its visual identity and the emotional connection it garnered.
luxury hotel marketing agencyluxury hotel marketing agency
luxury hotel marketing agency

6. Verbal Branding

Even if you don’t give your audience a story to tell, they will infer one. To make sure your audience is talking about your brand the way that you want them to, it is important to get your verbal branding right.

Verbal branding communicates the brand’s tone, style, and quirks. As a luxury hotel brand, your verbal branding will attract a certain kind of crowd and will differ based on whether you market to executives, families, or celebrities.

A luxury hotel marketing agency like Brevo ensures that your language never wavers—neither across your website messaging nor across your social media handles.

7. Animated Video

Animated videos for hotel marketing are a niche idea and therefore well suited to a luxury hotel marketing campaign aimed at enhancing exclusivity. The advantage animated videos have over live-action videos is that the potential for personalisation is incredible.

A luxury hotel marketing agency like Brevo can create videos that convey highly memorable and emotional experiences — be it a dive with exotic marine life or ambient city views from the high stories of the hotel.

An animated video can be a montage of some of the best facilities offered by the hotel overlapped with user reviews of those services. There are very few things that sell as well as video testimonials—especially those filmed in exotic locales. In fact, 2 out of 3 people say they are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video testimonial.
luxury hotel marketing agency
luxury hotel marketing agency

VCDC: A Luxury Property Looking to Evoke Emotions

While not a luxury hotel, this luxury property developer client came to us to solve a marketing challenge that many in the luxury hotel and property industry are now commonly facing – the shift toward health and wellness.

The Challenge

VCDC Properties, a developer in the Philippines, was facing a turning point in its business and wanted to arouse a more emotional response from an increasingly important audience demographic with interest in the health and wellness lifestyle.

In particular, the developer wished to highlight the sense of mental well being brought on by activities such as lounging by the pool, spending quality time with your loved ones in a healthy environment, or exercising at the gym—all hallmarks of luxury living.

The Idea

The luxury property marketing team at Brevo turned this idea into a campaign built with infographics that displayed luxury through thought-provoking messaging, a soothing colour palette, and descriptive room layouts.

The Strategy

Working closely with VCDC’s team, Brevo created multiple video scripts, static, GIFs, microblogs, and more with the aim of showcasing more of what VCDC’s target audience found valuable. The writers ensured that the verbal branding was in tune with the theme of elite yet accessible luxury and that all marketing materials conveyed it.

The Result

As a result, VCDC launched a well-designed and deeply researched social media campaign that resulted in increased visibility and sales for the brand. VCDC went on to hire Brevo for a website redesign for affiliated luxury projects as well.
Are you looking to create an emotionally stirring campaign for your luxury hotel or property brand? We at Brevo know just what to say and create to make all the difference for you. Get in touch today!
luxury hotel marketing agency
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