Logo Design in Malaysia: 
Create a Visual Identity That Evokes Emotion

Your visual brand identity must be accurately communicated through logo design. And in a competitive market like Malaysia, customers need to visualize how your brand is unique and genuine. Their first clue of your visual identity is inevitably your logo design.

Logos can be powerfully evocative tools for brand recall. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a giant M painted in yellow? Probably a McDonald’s hamburger, thanks specifically to the domination of their logo.

This is the same potential power a logo holds for your business. Yet, many companies take logo design for granted, and view the process as just another graphic designer expense.
But the visual communication a logo conveys can make or break a business, being that it is the first brand message that much of your audience sees. Indeed, the human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than words. This is why most businesses apply visual logos that are specifically designed to carry a built-in message.

If your logo fails to provoke any emotion associated with your brand, it is less likely that your audience will try to discover more about you. This is why a great logo attracts, holds, and generates curiosity with your audience.

The major challenge businesses encounter today is finding a way to break through the visual noise customers face on a daily basis. There are countless brands represented by a diversity of logos out there, but not all evoke emotion.

Designing a logo is more than adding any random font, color, and design. Your logo should be transparent, communicate your values, be adaptable, and evoke a desired emotion all within a glance.

We at Brevo take time to understand your brand identity and mission in order to design a logo that mirrors your company’s values to the core.

Developing a visual brand or corporate identity design in Malaysia requires a lot more than just graphic design.

Brevo will show you how to plan out a logo that’ll not only look great, but have high recall for your brand identity.

Looking For Logo Design in Malaysia?

Brevo is experienced in logo design and visual identity as a whole. We understand that designing a logo is more than just making a pretty icon or choosing a cool font. It’s also about understanding how your logo fits in different contexts like macro environments (billboards, bus decals etc) and micro contexts (app icons, browser tabs etc).

This is important because your logo design needs to live in different environments and be recognized by your customers, whether on a hat or on the side of an airplane.

Adaptable Logo Design

As a business, you might feel that a logo is just a combination of your brand name and the right colors. But you cannot throw colors and text on a blank canvas and expect it to be a masterpiece.

The same goes with your logo. Your company’s logo design will have to take into consideration a variety of environments where it will live. Logos must be adaptable to be placed across all channels of your business, including printed documents, contracts, social media, websites, business cards, labels, and product packaging, to name a few.

Adaptable logo design will also take into consideration the digital platforms and devices being used. Across the online landscape, different formats and sizing will need to be used, depending on the platform.

Adaptable logos are thus consistent and recognizable in spite of these variations. This is where great design techniques will help your audience to get a visual taste of the brand, no matter where they interact with it.

At Brevo, we design adaptable logos that maintain your brand identity while making it easy for your audience to recall them.

Create an adaptable brand or corporate design in Malaysia.

Business Anchoring Logo Design

Logos are the anchor of building your brand identity, and in this way a logo will also serve as an anchor for other branding activities, such as deciding the colors of your website and other business collaterals.

Once you have a logo that is different from your competitors and portrays the unique values of your brand, other marketing activities such as deciding a theme for your social media or advertisements will be anchored down by your brand logo choices.

This is why it's critical to get a logo design right the first time. Logo design work will directly impact numerous other brand and business activities down the line.

How Do You Create A Logo That Conveys The Right Message?

Brevo is experienced in logo design and visual identity as a whole. We understand that designing a logo is more than just making a pretty icon or choosing a cool font. It’s also about understanding how your logo fits in different contexts like macro environments (billboards, bus decals etc) and micro contexts (app icons, browser tabs etc).

This is important because your logo design needs to live in different environments and be recognized by your customers, whether on a hat or on the side of an airplane.

1. Interact With Your Brand

It is impossible for anyone to create a logo for your brand without taking time to interact directly with your business.

Understanding your brand, its values, and vision statement helps us tell a story without even speaking a word.

Amazon’s logo is the best example of this. The arrow signifies the humble and smiling nature of the company, and also communicates visually how Amazon connects its customers form A to Z.

The procedure of ideating a logo starts way before you even draw a single line. The essence and tone of your brand goes beyond your brand’s personality. So if you haven’t thought about your brand’s message, you should do it now and start it with your target customers in mind.

2. Brainstorming

We host a workshop with our clients so that we both can brainstorm and extract essential information. A workshop is a two-way process, so we will be asking you many questions that will force you to think deeper about your brand, its ethics, and values.

3. Creating The Visual Mood Board

After gathering your responses, we set off to create a mood board that aligns with your brand and its vibe.

In essence, a mood board is a compilation of multiple images that depict emotions and images of your brand. This helps you to focus on how you want your audience to feel about your brand.

4. Color Palette

Colors say a lot about your brand, and with the right blend of colors, you can evoke the right emotions.

Every color you choose has an emotion or feeling attached to it, and you can understand that by learning about color psychology. Indeed, about 62% to 90% of decisions about products can be made just on the basis of colors.

Color psychology is about how human behaviors change with colors. If we talk about colors from the branding and marketing perspective, it is how a consumer acts by visualizing the colors of any brand.
  • Black

    People perceive black as a powerful color. This is the reason it is preferred by most luxury brands, be they for cars, clothes, electronics, or perfume.


    This color is a symbol of trust and stability. This is the reason why most financial companies use blue as their primary color.


    White is often seen as a color of modernity and clarity. It symbolises peace and a lot of NGOs use white as their primary color to invoke these emotions.


    Red symbolises success, boldness, and transformation. Many health and food brands use red to activate these senses.
  • Yellow

    Most people see yellow as the color of happiness and warmth.


    Silver is connected with the feeling of modernity and innovation. You will notice that most vehicles and high-tech products are often branded silver.


    Grey is more inclined towards normal and subtle things.


    Pink signifies respect, love, feminine, and sensitive nature of products. Most female products use different shades of pink to display the feminine side of their products with respect.
  • Purple

    Purple symbolises creativity, wealth, emotions, and fantasy. You will notice that Cadbury is a brand that sells love of fantasy, wrapping their chocolate in a purple cover.


    Green is all about purity, health, and growth. Most health and wellness brands use green as their primary color to showcase the purity and growth side of their brand.
At Brevo, we offer logo design in Malaysia by keeping in mind your target audience to best select an optimal color scheme to attract them.

5. Final Touch

After completing everything, the Brevo logo design team will showcase a few mockups and application scenarios, whereby we demonstrate how your logo will live and appear in different environments and on different scales.

Types Of Logos You Can Choose From

Most logos are a combination of imagery, typography, and graphics. And every style choice can greatly impact your brand in its own way.

As your logo is the first thing your customer will see, you must ensure that you get these choices right.

There are 5 common types of logos that we recommend considering.

1. The Wordmark

A wordmark is the simplest way to start creating a brand’s logo. It includes your brand’s name in typography. It is a great choice for new brands because it helps you spread the word among your audience.

But pay attention if you have a long brand name, then it might be tough for your audience to read and remember.

2. The Letter Mark

The letter mark or a monogram logo is another text-based option for creating a brand logo. This is based on the initials of the company and not the entire name.

If you have a long name, then a letter mark is the ideal choice for your brand as it can be pronounced easily.

3. The Brand Mark

A brandmark logo doesn’t have text at all. It is all about a symbol, icon, or image that represents the true nature and motive of the brand.

For example, the Twitter bird or the Nike swoosh. The brain is more responsive to images, and this is a good logo design choice for building relationships with your audience.

4. The Emblem

An emblem includes both symbols and text, and the text is within the symbol. An emblem is the perfect choice if you desire to build authority with your logo.

Create Your Brand’s New Visual Ambassador

Looking for logo design services in Malaysia that’ll give your company a memorable visual identity?

At Brevo, we can help you remake your corporate identity design or create a brand new logo for both small to enterprise level businesses looking for a new look.
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