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Fresh Targeted Marketing for a New Generation

Food and drink marketing agency; food and beverage marketing agency
If you work in the food and drink sector, then you don’t need us to tell you how much your industry has suffered over the past few years and how the help of a food and beverage marketing agency now can play a more important role than ever.

Disrupted supply chains, rising food prices, and a sharp drop in restaurant visits — all exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic — have punished sales figures across the globe. One report estimated that global out-of-home (OOH) sales took a $22 billion hit in 2020 alone, and those businesses lucky enough to survive it are still recovering.

Yet despite these issues, the food and beverage industry holds a huge amount of rebounding growth potential going forward over the next decade. A new joint report by a research team headed by PwC found that in Asia alone food spending is set to hit $8 trillion by 2030, more than doubling 2019’s figur, and making it the world’s largest food and beverage market.

Much of it is down to the continent’s rapidly growing population: in 2030, Asia is expected to be home to 4.5 billion people, including 65% of the world’s middle class — a demographic with higher levels of disposable income.
Now the onus is on food retailers and restaurant brands to adapt their marketing methods to make the most of this rise in demand, especially among a new generation of young adults, known as ‘Gen Z’, while simultaneously handling the socio-economic challenges the industry faces over the next decade.

Yet with the everyday demands of working in an ultra-competitive industry already filling up their schedules, owners and marketers are struggling to find the time.

This is where a food and drink marketing agency can step up to the plate, helping restaurant brands, fast food outlets and other eateries embrace the winds of change to stay ahead of the competition.
The food and drinks sector is facing unprecedented change. Give Brevo a call and find out how we can help your firm survive and thrive in the new climate.

3 factors changing the face of food and drink marketing

For decades, food and drink outlets worked in a world where word-of-mouth referrals and traditional advertising methods were enough to get customers through the door. The pace of digital change and shifting consumer habits, however, means that many established brands are struggling to get people to visit their website, let alone their restaurant.

We can explain these changing consumer attitudes through three socio-economic factors.
Food and drink marketing agency; food and beverage marketing agency

1. ‘Staying in is the new eating out’

Even before the pandemic, ordering food from home was already rising dramatically. The huge expansion in home entertainment in the digital age has led to people shunning restaurants in favor of takeout in front of the TV, and disruptive delivery services such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo were perfectly poised to take advantage as lockdown restrictions hit. Uber Eats alone reached global sales of $4.8 billion in 2020, a 150% jump from the previous year.

This shift in consumer demand has forced food and drink brands to get creative with their delivery options. No longer standard with standard online menus, customers are looking for imaginative extras that add spice to their orders, including personalized deliveries, GPS tracking of their delivery, and rewards and discounts for repeat business.

2. A focus on sustainable living

Climate change is the big talking point of our time, causing a paradigm shift in the way we consume our food.

More consumers than ever are looking toward vegetarian or plant-based diets. Statista figures show that the value of the plant-based food market is set to quadruple by 2030, and food outlets need to be ready for this shift in demand.

In addition, customers want to know where the ingredients in your food came from, what packaging you’re using and what your business is doing to promote green causes.

Food and drink businesses must be seen to be doing the right thing, which includes making sure menus reflect the tastes of their target audience, providing customers with info about product traceability, how the company handles waste, and which environmental regulations it follows.
Food and drink marketing agency; food and beverage marketing agency
Food and drink marketing agency; food and beverage marketing agency

3. The digital shift

We all know the importance of ecommerce and social media channels nowadays, and businesses in every sector are investing heavily in their digital presence.

However, many firms are struggling to keep up, let alone stand out, as they vie for the attention of a new ‘Gen Z’ of young adults. According to IBM research, Gen Z’ers (or Zoomers) spend 74% of their free time online, with two-thirds using more than one device at once. Yet far from mindlessly staring at their screens, they tend to be ‘informed consumers’ in that they research and weigh up options before making a purchase and are much less attached to specific brands than their elders.

Food and drink marketers need to tap into novel ways to capture the attention and convert this hard-to-please demographic, as they make up the majority of their customer base. Visuals like statics, animated videos and GIFs are all vital parts of a marketing team’s arsenal as they seek to bridge the digital gap with this new generation.

Food and beverage marketing agency: What we do

Brevo knows what it takes to get customers craving more from your brand. We go through your USPs and brand identity with a fine tooth comb and package it into a marketing campaign that encompasses several niche services.

Website Design

Ever found a restaurant on Google Maps only to see that it doesn’t have a website? Frustrating, right?

The browsing habits of today’s market means food and drink outlets simply can’t afford not to have a multi-purpose, responsive website that embodies their brand. It needs to show the practical elements of your service in the simplest way possible: what your menu looks like, how to make an order, and how long it’ll take for you to deliver the food.

It’s also the ideal platform for you to build credibility; to share your expertise in the form of recipe ideas and informative blogs.

Brevo’s team specializes in website design that brings together everything that your company stands for in the most visual and user-friendly way possible. To us, your site needs to be a one-stop shop, with animated visuals and motion graphics that entertain and inform, and engaging copy that converts into sales.
Food and drink marketing agency; food and beverage marketing agency

Social Media

Food and drink companies tend to dominate lists of ‘top social media brands’ . That’s because the visual nature of these platforms are ideal for showcasing new, Insta-friendly dishes that get mouths watering.

In an ultra-competitive food and drinks market, though, creating posts that stop your target audience from scrolling is getting harder and harder.

Brevo’s creative social media campaigns are designed to jump out at an audience used to skipping through endless snippets of non-relevant info. All of our posts, reels, statics,and video clips are thoughtfully put together to grab their attention, to show off the very best of your business, and form a lasting relationship with new customers.
Food and drink marketing agency; food and beverage marketing agency

Visual Branding

Brevo is a visual branding agency at its core. Take a look through our website and social media to see how much value we place on the colors, shapes, and fonts that strike up an emotional connection with your customers.

We believe this visual identity is especially important in the food and beverage industry where a striking logo or design is often the first thing people think of when recalling their favorite brand: think of the famous golden arches of McDonalds as a case in point.

When you’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, your visual branding needs to reflect your values and beliefs at a glance.

That’s where Brevo comes in.

We translate this passion into visual branding that defines your unique selling proposition and position it within your target market.
Food and drink marketing agency; food and beverage marketing agency

Creative Marketing

Just like with your menu ideas, your content marketing needs to get creative so that you can grab your slice of the market.

No matter the type of message you’re sending out, whether a landing page, social media campaign or white paper, it needs to resonate with your target audience: the hyper-engaged Zoomers who are used to consuming multiple sources of content at once.

How to do it? Well, we have access to a huge array of visual tools that help to integrate your brand with disruptive media, interactive interfaces and animated visuals. Our aim is to surprise, to inspire, and to convert.
Food and drink marketing agency; food and beverage marketing agency


In a sector that demands authority and credibility, effective writing forms the bedrock of any food and drink business’s marketing strategy.

Whether presenting annual reports about sustainability in a reader-friendly tone, or persuading hesitant customers that your brand matches what they’re looking for, Brevo’s writing service delivers a powerful cocktail of influential copywriting and eye-catching design.

Our goal is to give your company’s narrative as wide a reach as possible, while keeping your customers informed of your objectives, and reassured that your brand is the best option for them
Food and drink marketing agency; food and beverage marketing agency
Food and drink marketing agency; food and beverage marketing agency

A food and drink marketing success: How Brevo helped launch Shakey’s delivery service

Shakey’s, a popular pizza chain in the Philippines, was already embracing changing consumer habits by the time Brevo came aboard. Its delivery service, Send-A-Shakey’s, lets customers order a pizza from anywhere in the world as a surprise treat for friends and family.

However, to do this effectively, they needed a thoughtful and engaging social media marketing campaign that broke through to younger customers. Shakey’s wanted people to know why using the service was a great idea rather than how to use it, which was something that this demographic knew anyway.

How did Brevo, the food and drink marketing specialist, go about this?

Our creative team knew that Shakey’s needed to spread its popularity from ‘Boomers’ to ‘Zoomers’.

Our plan was to insert a Shakey’s into a range of everyday moments close to the hearts of this demographic. We used bright and energetic statics, carousels, and infographics to show Shakey’s in relatable scenarios, such as virtual movie nights, WhatsApp conversations, and sports celebrations.

For Shakey’s new prosciutto pizza, we bridged the gap between Italian culture and our Philippine target audience by depicting Italian cultural symbols in funny, informative social media visuals that they were familiar with.

Shakey’s is now not just a legacy brand that’s a hit with older customers, but a big player in today’s food delivery market — and we’re happy to have played part in that.

Food and drink marketing agency; food and beverage marketing agency
Don’t get left behind in a world of change. Get in touch with Brevo to create a vivid, magnetic foods and drink brand that resonates with a new generation.
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