Charity and Nonprofit Animation: Quality, Incisive Video Content That Doesn’t Break the Bank

For nonprofit firms and NGOs who want to raise awareness of their cause, charity animation videos are one of the most effective tools to convey a vivid and compelling message to their target audience.

Video content is both easily accessible and easy to digest. Direct, informative, and readily available on our smartphones, it can persuade the viewer to take action within seconds, rather than the minutes it takes to read written content.

Put simply, video is among the most absorbing mediums today to get and keep our attention. A Hubspot Survey found that 62% of people consume videos thoroughly, compared to just 25% for longform content.
If your company has an online presence, you’ll know how video content fits into today’s digital market. Video platforms like YouTube and TikTok help to ensure that videos form a huge part of internet traffic, with crucial demographics such as ‘Gen Z’ — those born between 1999 and 2009 — fuelling demand.

For nonprofits who don’t have the resources to launch live-action ad campaigns, animation’s highly visual nature coupled with the impressive click-to-conversion rates of video content represent incredible value for money that is proven to boost sales. According to Forbes, having a quality video on your landing page increases conversions by 80%.

Marketers at charities and nonprofits are fast realizing that without incisive video content, they lack a true online presence through which they can connect to their audience and drive leads.

Bright, lively animation content that engages with the viewer is central to this. By choosing the right style and tone, they can be a powerful way to introduce your charity to someone who isn’t familiar, convey a serious message without overwhelming them, and convince them to support your cause.
Want to integrate charity animation videos into your content strategy but don’t know where to start? Contact Brinc for a cost-effective service that doesn’t compromise on value.

4 challenges for nonprofit animation marketers today

For all its benefits, producing incisive animated content comes with some serious obstacles if you’re new to the industry. Even the best charity ads on YouTube have had to go through the mill to achieve success.

Via Brevo, our parent marketing agency, we’ve seen certain pain points time and time again. Here are some of the most common.

1. Thinking you need a huge budget to produce quality content

Nonprofits are often scared away from video content marketing by the sky-high prices that agencies tend to quote. However, they usually do this because of the huge amount of resources they use to come up with a complete overhaul of your marketing strategy.

What sets Brinc apart is that we adapt to the strategy you already have, but recommend the most powerful execution to help you achieve your goals. This means focussing on a quick turnaround, streamlining the creative process to include fewer pairs of hands, but never compromising on quality, character and value.

Just because you have a modest budget doesn’t you don’t mean business.

2. Difficulty creating original content that connects with the audience

Standing out in a sea of content is getting more difficult, especially in a digital world where experts have compared our attention spans to those of goldfish.

Nonprofits often get dragged into creating redundant content that’s counterproductive. After spending time, effort and expense, the last thing you want is for it to create a negative impression that can be hard to change.

The best fundraising videos, then, need to make every second count as they compete to attract and keep the attention of their target audience. They need to be relevant to your cause, and make an instant impact on the viewer.

Our team of creatives know how to sell your video to your audience before they start watching. A compelling headline and thumbnail that resonates with viewers is essential, backed up with animated visuals and motion graphics that entertain and educate.

3. Struggling to plan effectively

Not having a video content plan in place can make your messaging look incoherent, and your audience picks up on it right away. It also represents a missed opportunity to build your branding if the content is inconsistent.

Video messaging is at its most powerful when it’s part of a clear strategy, designed to lead the customer through a ‘cultivation funnel’, all the way from first engagement through to making a donation and generating loyalty.

A donation video idea might include building a storyline that hooks the viewer from first contact, but it’s also crucial to plan the non-glamorous parts such as choosing the right distribution outlets, the best posting times and adjusting the content according to analytics.

Planning is one of the major challenges that every company has to overcome to reinforce your brand’s credibility and reputation, but it’s not always possible without outside expertise.

4. A lack of in-house expertise

Taking your first steps into the world of animated video production is often daunting. It requires knowledge of various skill sets, including storytelling, graphic-heavy video editing, hiring the right voice talent, not to mention the array of design and editing tools needed to make your content reach its full potential.

At Brinc, we cover all the bases. We know what goes into a good, tight script, how to bring it to life with creative animation, and how to maximize its digital performance — right down to the screen size needed for optimal effect.

We condense this top-notch animation prowess into an affordable package for businesses with a modest budget.

Advertising agencies tend to demand reams of time, energy and resources to build a comprehensive strategy, a process which can drain your focus and take you away from other important tasks.

Brinc, however, provides the clarity to hit your marketing objectives in the most optimized manner.

Charity and Nonprofit Animation Videos: What We Do

In today’s visually charged online market, there are few better ways to forge links with your target audience than by connecting with them via beautifully made video content.

Informative and entertaining animation videos should form the core of an updated marketing strategy, with the aim of leading potential donors down a path toward the point of taking action – a point we refer to as ‘the brinc’.

We get that this isn’t easy, which is why we offer multiple services designed to bring your message together across several platforms and maximize your brand’s exposure.

1. Creative marketing

We don’t need blockbuster budgets to get creative.

In fact, that’s the whole point: the goal of creative marketing is to fire up our imagination to come up with something that’s unique and eye-catching, without breaking the bank.

Video content is the ultimate tool for creative marketing thanks to its flexibility. It brings imaginative ideas to life in a way that words can’t by generating visible and memorable content.

At Brinc, we delve deep into your target audience’s psyche to create campaigns that stir emotions and trigger a response.
Charity Animation

2. Social media

Social media is the lifeblood of any modern business. According to Smart Insights, half of the global population are regular users, spending an average of two-and-a-half hours a day online.

Users spend much of this time watching short video content. The same research shows that 68% and 50% of users on TikTok and Instagram saying that videos increase the chances of them buying a product or service.

Moreover, the arrival of the metaverse will usher in a new era of the internet in which social media will take on an even greater role. Demand for engaging, immersive video content will continue to rise, as well as opportunities for brands to provide new audio and visual experiences.

Brinc is a gateway to this brave new world.
Charity Animation

3. Content marketing

The best content marketing is all about great storytelling, and what better way to tell a story than with an animated video?

Nonprofit organizations like yours are full of captivating stories that we can bring to life with specialized animation. From simple explainer videos to livestreams, videos are the bedrock to any hard-hitting content marketing campaign.

But rather than create a comprehensive strategy from scratch, we’ll simply incorporate video content into yours in a way that powerfully drives your message home.
Charity Animation

4. Visual branding

At the heart of Brinc’s methodology is an emphasis on visual branding that strikes a chord with customers.

High quality videos go a long way toward establishing your organization’s identity. Businesses now use them to reach customers on a personal level like never before, with smartphones putting them literally in the palm of your target buyer’s hand — and within sight of the people around them.
Contact us today to find out how our bespoke charity and nonprofit animation video service can help build an execution-focused marketing campaign that maximizes your return on investment.
Charity Animation
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