Bespoke Animation Services: Mixing Art and Data to Boost Conversions

In a digital era where video content rules the roost, bespoke animation is the power tool for marketing managers looking for creative ways to stand out of the crowd.

As a marketing manager or founder, you’ll know that video marketing is an excellent way to present customers with a visual snapshot of what your business can provide for them, often leveraging live-action, sound design, or skilful editing techniques to make your brand unique.

It’s a tool that is also widespread: today 86% of companies use videos as a marketing tool, according to Wyzowl, usage that has increased from 61% just six years ago.

The consistent use of video content in marketing
bespoke animation
Bespoke animation, then, is the zoomed-in option of video marketing, the mechanism that allows you to creatively give to your market a message in a format that is as limitless as our imagination.

Modern social media helps intensify this demand. With consumers used to viewing short-form videos from their own curated list of users that speak directly to their interests and desires, they’ve come to expect the same for the products and services that they buy.

Bespoke animation makes answering that call easier, becoming an ever-more vital tool toward creating customer-centric marketing campaigns.

What is bespoke animation?

Bespoke, or custom animation, is a form of video content made specifically to broadcast your company’s voice, style and competitive advantage.

In direct contrast to generic ‘off-the-shelf’ video templates that some agencies use for multiple clients, custom animation is made to measure, providing images, logo animation, and motion graphics that your target audience can relate to.

This engages with them on a personal level, and increases the chances of taking action.

Brinc’s custom animation service hits the sweet spot between powerful content and sensible pricing. Contact us today to take the first step toward boosting conversions with exciting visuals.

4 factors that make bespoke animation stand out

More marketing managers than ever are going down the custom animation route for high-quality branded content that resonates with their target audience.

At Brinc, we make it a central part of our toolkit.

Here are four key factors that make customized animation the sales weapon marketers can’t do without.

1. It allows for tailored messaging

A common pain point among marketing managers is the effort needed to make exciting original content that stands out from rivals, without breaking the bank.

Many fall into the trap of using ‘cookie-cutter’ animation styles (which they add their own twist to) to save time and money, but this has one huge drawback. Many video templates work on themes, so if you’re a food delivery service, for example, you’ll use the ‘food delivery’ theme which, when put next to a competitor’s video can look very similar.

Custom animation solves this issue by providing you with the tools to get really specific and creative. Whether it’s a multi-layered corporate strategy or a detailed product overview, you get the chance to explain your company’s objectives in a unique style and format that suits your business.

Customers, meanwhile, benefit by learning about your product or service in greater detail.

This is because animation is a great vehicle for ‘microlearning’, a technique which delivers informative content in bite-sized chunks with a focused learning outcome, often using images, characters and storylines.

Both business and customer benefit from this direct and convenient form of personalized content.
bespoke animation

2. It gives you a differentiated online presence

An online marketplace where almost nine out of 10 companies use video has a very saturated feel to it.

Disposable ‘landfill’ content, from tired old gifs to ‘Top 10 list’ vids that have been done countless times before are a great way to turn potential clients off.

It also tends to fall by the wayside when it comes to SEO: modern search engines hate unoriginal content.

Again, this is where unique, organic content comes into its own.

By cutting through the online noise and speaking directly to your audience with a customized message, you’re much more likely to keep their attention.

Custom animation has a great ability to stick in a customer’s mind, where its range of creative options makes explaining even complex business concepts much easier.

Intertwined with a search engine-optimized blog version, it will also ensure that you climb the search engine rankings – and stay there.

3. It generates a higher ROI

People who engage with your videos tend to come back for more: they’ll look up your brand and browse your website for more content.

They start seeing you as a reputable business, which makes them much more likely to make that purchase, often several times over.

That’s because bespoke animations not only help draw people in, but they influence them into making that buying decision much more than a generic video that speaks to everyone and no one at the same time.

The repeat purchase and referrals that this engenders leads to a significant boost to your return-on-investment (ROI).

By paying for quality evergreen content that continues to work for you long after its creation, you’ll reap the long term rewards.

4. You get to work with an experienced team

Finding and using common ‘off-the-shelf’ content isn’t difficult: scores of websites exist to provide it to online businesses in return for a small fee.

Bespoke animation, on the other hand, requires the input of a team of skilled creatives.

In-house scriptwriters, designers, voice-over artists, and web developers all pitch in to inject their expertise, whether it’s writing a catchy script or creating animated characters.

Hiring a custom animation team is a shortcut to working with professionals who are experts in their field, who have the technical know-how to show your business in its best light, to bring out the best in your products and make it resonate with your target audience.

Yet, because of the deep well of talent involved, many agencies feel the need to use the term ‘bespoke’ as a byword for ‘expensive’, and charge sky-high fees that price out many SMEs.

After spotting this gap in the market, Brinc has decided to do something about it.

Custom animation services: What we do

Creating unique video content that elevates digital performance sounds like a costly endeavor. After all, it requires storyboard planning, production and editing skills from a team of professionals that need to be unified toward a final product.

Brinc recognizes this, but also knows that most Micro-to-Small-to-Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) out there want to, or are able to, splash out on the big-budget price lists that animation agencies normally demand.

But that doesn’t mean that top-quality bespoke animated videos should be outside of their bandwidth.

After delving into why agencies charge so much, we came up with a solution. Instead of throwing money at endless resources to ensure that clients got massive value, we decided to get smart.

By adapting to the client's existing content strategy instead of coming up with a brand-new one, assigning a dedicated ‘tag team’ of creatives to each project, and timelocking work, we found we could still provide top-notch quality, character and value.

Here’s how our custom-made animation method helps to make our video campaigns shine.

1. Social media

We all know that social media never sleeps.

With a smartphone in every consumer’s hand, you also know how important it is to cut through the constant online noise and tap trending topics to get your message across to your customers. And so do your rivals.

So, what makes your target audience stop the scroll?

At Brinc, our extensive research has led us to come up with captivating animated content that speaks to today’s crowd of easily-bored social network users. This includes:

• Motion graphics that bring short videos or logo animation to life
• Animated gifs that use humor, surprise, or emotion to get a message across instantly
• Quick animated explainer YouTube videos that explain tricky concepts in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

Our work doesn’t stop after clicking the ‘post’ button either.

We make sure we stay at the top of our game by analyzing the performance of each short video, gif and motion graphic with state-of-the art software. This gives us useful insights which we use to improve and hone our social strategy.

2. Creative marketing

In modern marketing, having the right message is no longer a guarantee that you’ll get the high-quality traffic and leads that you’re looking for. Spending lavishly may not garner the results you want, either.

You need to get creative.

Brinc’s philosophy is that great marketing means mixing art with data – and bespoke animation is one of the best tools for the task.

In our opinion, there’s no landing page, Google ad or email that can’t be improved with a well-designed motion graphic or explainer video.

Whether used as a way to surprise your audience, grab their attention or simply educate them, we’ve learned that our formula of combining data and innovative creative imagery is the quickest way to lead generation and conversions.

How video use stimulates lead generation
bespoke animation

3. Website design

Every business’s most important digital marketing asset – its website – must connect with visitors from the moment they arrive. 94% of first impressions are design-related, so a landing page that makes an immediate impact is imperative.

Unique bespoke videos that embody your brand are an effective way of increasing user engagement. When crafted skilfully, they compel users to take action on your website, driving your conversion rate.

Disruptive media that makes the visitor see your product or service in a new light, whether it be an entertaining animated explainer video, a short-but-sweet motion graphic or 3D animation, is a proven tool for successful MSMEs.

Brinc’s cost-efficient yet fully customized website solution puts bespoke animation at its core, supported by industry-specific widgets and excellent backend capabilities.

4. Visual branding

Visual branding focuses on the materials, colors and fonts that communicate your message to your audience visually, via the company logo design, website and social media copywriting. It needs to encapsulate your brand personality, while eliciting a desired response from viewers.

Our bespoke animation plays an important role in creating memorable visual branding across a number of verticals, and makes the emotional connection with customers much more effective.

You’ll find that our animated work improves recognition and visibility in a hectic online landscape, with specially designed reels, short-form content and explainer videos all belonging to your unmistakable brand.

Customers who can identify a brand immediately are more likely to trust it, to share it with friends and to click that valuable ‘buy’ icon.

Excited by Brinc’s vision for bespoke animation? Get in touch today to speak to our team of professionals who will recommend the best course of action for you and your business.
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