B2B Copywriting Services: Attracting Business Clients On A Modest Budget

The dream of most ambitious SMEs or start-ups is to resonate with high-profile business customers, and top-class B2B copywriting services can go a long way to helping stand out from the competition.

If you’re an SME owner or marketing manager, then you’ll know that selling your business products or services requires great skills with messaging.

But how you sell your business is what makes the difference between achieving that goal and failure. This rests on how well you can raise awareness of your brand and engage with your desired customers by speaking directly to their particular needs and wants.

Finding and connecting with your target audience through quality, personalized B2B copywriting isn’t just a nice, warm idea; it’s backed up by stone-cold research.

According to a Google study, 50% of B2B buyers are more likely to buy when they see personal value in your brand.

Taking it a step further, they are eight times more likely to pay a higher price to do business with a brand they believe in.

However, nurturing this relationship isn’t easy. A buyer’s trust in your brand is hard-won, and is made up of several components, including,

• Personalized, high-quality content that feels written just for them and their company
• A conviction that your product or service will generate a high ROI
• Excellent customer service, including features like video chats and instant messaging
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Finding this common ground requires a data-backed marketing campaign that maintains your brand authenticity while inspiring stronger leads.

It calls for the seller to write content for business people across a diverse range of media, including helpful social media posts that educate and inspire, and landing pages that drive home your brand’s message.

It calls for a unified B2B copywriting strategy that uncovers the real story behind your business, presents your core strengths with a strong brand voice, and optimized marketing content that puts you at the top of internet searches.

It also calls for a dedicated plan of action that convinces prospective customers that you’re the only choice for them.

4 factors that make B2B copywriting services unique

While the two main strands of copywriting (B2B and B2C) share the common goal of increasing conversions, they speak to two very different target audiences.

Time and time again, we’ve seen how easy it is for our clients to get their wires crossed between the two.

Here are some of the best ways to separate the two segments and ensure you’re hitting the B2B sweet spot.

1. Writing for a more technical target audience

A B2B audience has different demands to a B2C market, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of writing content for everyday internet users rather than business professionals.

B2B customers are more likely to have a deep knowledge about what you’re selling them, so are less interested in straight sales copy and more about how your product or service’s features stand out from rivals.

At Brinc, we create vivid and detailed buyer personas that represent your target audience and help you visualize exactly who we’re writing for.

This makes it easier to develop the correct brand voice that connects with the prospective customer, so that it feels like we’re talking with them one-on-one instead of to a crowd of other users.
It also fosters a deeper level of connection between you and the reader, as your writing feels like it’s coming from an expert that understands their pain points and can help them find the solution.
b2b copywriting services

2. Focusing on logic over emotion

B2B buying decisions are much more likely to be grounded in reason and logic.

For a B2B customer, the business’s performance is at stake and puts them under pressure to get it right: a stark contrast to the often impulsive mindset of a B2C shopper.

Building confidence with the client, then, is a key priority of B2B copywriting, and logic is at the core of that. Writing copy with coherent arguments, backing them up with quality research and demonstrating why your product is the best way forward all help to soothe a business customer’s doubts.

Proven conduits for showing off your company’s logical mindset might include:

• Educational articles, such as an informative blog post with plenty of charts/graphs
• Thought leadership pieces backed up by strong research
• Tutorials
• How-to guides
• Extensively researched white papers
• Press releases

This is not to say we must remove emotion completely from our web copy — B2B clients are still human — but a rational, authoritative brand voice speaks much louder in this world than excited chatter.
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3. Marketing for a lower sales volume

Let’s cut to the chase: B2B products and services tend to cost more, and the way we market a $1,000 commodity is different to how we market a $10 product.

B2C marketing needs to hit a higher sales volume through a varied sales strategy that can take in any number of channels, from podcast ads to paid testimonials.

On other hand, B2B focuses on a narrow market segment, business decision makers tasked with making the big calls, who want to be spoken to directly.

At Brinc, we know what it takes to reel in the big fish.

Coming up with the right type of bait in the form of a curated messaging strategy across carefully chosen channels is what we do best.
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4. Building long-term relationships with prospective customers

Once you’ve connected with your client, the building blocks are in place to form the type of long-term relationship that is so important in the B2B market.

While B2C marketing has more of a transactional focus, quality B2B relationships drive long-term business in the form of repeat purchases and referrals from existing customers.

This longer process gives you the chance to prove what kind of business you are, namely how your practices, ethics, and know-how sets you apart from competitors.

The longer B2B sales funnel is the perfect setting for laying down these foundations.

At each stage of the buying journey, you have the chance to build your brand, whether it’s a how-to-guide helping them to tackle a very specific problem, or a product-focused article that showcases why your solution is the best choice.

The first sale is just the start.

Strategically sharing post-purchase content generates fresh sales leads through referrals, encourages upsells, and keeps a client part of our customer community.

b2b copywriting services
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B2B Copywriting Services: What We Do

In today’s competitive B2B market, developing and maintaining high-performing, unified messaging is no mean feat; success stories in this industry require time, effort and resources.

Copywriting agencies know this, which is why many seize the chance to charge sky-high prices.

At Brinc, however, we feel these agencies have overlooked a slice of the market that doesn’t have blockbuster budgets but is still looking for creative ways to grow without breaking the bank.

A niche that contains Micro-to-Small-to-Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) like yours that don’t need an army of outsourced creatives hired for a six-month-long project, but still want quality, character and value.

Here’s how we do it.
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1. Social media posts

Social networks are the golden ticket to marketing success, and will continue to be for some time.

Their influence reaches the highest levels of businesses, with 84% of business leaders saying they use it to support their purchasing decisions, according to IDC.

Yet, many businesses fail to plan and implement their SM copy correctly, leading to poor results and demotivation among staff.

Brinc unites your company aims under one unique strategic social media copywriting plan. Our creatives are skilled in a variety of SM content, particularly trendy short-form content, that’s designed to hit a broad range of networks.

We don’t stop at the ‘Post’ button, either. Our analytics tools delve deep into the goldmine of data each piece of content yields to gather useful insights into how well it's performing.
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2. Website design

Ever wanted to employ a sales representative who works hard at promoting your business 24/7 and acts as a formidable lead magnet?

Well, you should have one already: your website.

From engaging landing pages that nail that invaluable first impression, to well-written info pages that capture your brand’s appeal, your site should be the focal point of your online sales pitch to other businesses.

We make sure your most important marketing asset is firing on all cylinders, namely sharpening its design using our arsenal of technical tools, revving up its UX capabilities, and deploying the latest SEO tools to flare up visibility on search engines.
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3. Creative marketing

Creative marketing doesn’t mean overhauling your current strategy and starting from scratch, but rather devising a plan tailored to your existing approach.

Once we’ve researched your target market and competitors, we’ll guide you toward the most powerful execution that will help you achieve your aims.

Then, instead of weighing the project down with a squad of creatives, we’ll get our focused tag team of one account manager, one of our professional writers, and one designer to handle the task.

These star performers will then mix art and data to grab the attention of business customers, including animated visuals, interactive interfaces and disruptive media.
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4. Technical writing and long form content (white papers, blog posts, press releases)

B2B copywriting demands that the people behind it know their business, which is why technical writing matters so much.

The Brinc team does its homework and produces technical writing that exudes authority, without resorting to the stale and colorless reporting of yesteryear.

We take complex concepts and break them down into informative chunks for a targeted audience to digest, one of the core principles of excellent content writing.

A white paper with white-hot insights, an annual report that brings data to life, and a data-driven, optimized blog post are all first-rate tools that will help push your business customers to the Brinc of buying.
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