Brevo Bites

A taste of the creative start-up scene, from hopping cafés to growing an agency.
Enjoy bite-sized stories from the Brevo Team, as we chime in our experience on marketing, design, and life as we know it. Here you’re bound to find tips and hacks that will get you revved up to improve your business and career.

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In the Loop 

Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and case studies, minus the research rollercoaster ride.

Belo the Belt

What can we learn from the aesthetic clinic’s marketing snafu?

How To Select and Deploy Website Design Ideas That Fit Your Business

Finding the right website design ideas to deploy is an essential part of succeeding in today’s digital marketplace.

In Difficult Times, Social Media Management For Hotels Needs To Level Up

In this article, we're going to break down the process of creating an effective social media strategy into easy-to-follow steps that you can apply regardless of the platforms you’re using.

Branded Content Video Production: The Ultimate Guide

As companies continue to invest in more and more diversified types of content, branded content video production has proven to help boost brand performance more than any other format.

The 6 Formats of Creative Social Media Posts Your Business Should Be Using

It can be a challenging operation to constantly come up with creative social media posts to publish across multiple platforms.

Pain Points  

Find solutions to your creative and business challenges as we share ours (no acupuncture required).

Simply Brevo  

Find out how the Team creates insane ideas by keeping each other sane with life hacks, hobbies, and good times.

#BrevoTalks: Can You Work in the Same Office as Your SO?

We interview Brevo’s sole power couple to find out.

Closed for the Holidays?

Imran Saddique, Brevo’s CEO and managing director, makes the case for a company-wide shutdown during the happiest time of the year.

Five Fun Online Games to Spice Up Your Group Chat

There are a few things we can do to spice up our con-call catch-ups without triggering workplace Zoom PTSD. Here, we list down a few activities to make video-call night with friends something to look forward to!

Reel-Life Truths: Five Career Lessons From the Movies

Who knew that the silver screen can sub in for your trusted career counselor?

#BrevoTalks: How to Effectively Work From Home

Check out the productivity hacks our team members use to keep their work-from-home game on point!
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