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A taste of the creative start-up scene, from hopping cafés to growing an agency.
Enjoy bite-sized stories from the Brevo Team, as we chime in our experience on marketing, design, and life as we know it. Here you’re bound to find tips and hacks that will get you revved up to improve your business and career.

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In the Loop 

Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and case studies, minus the research rollercoaster ride.

What is Visual Brand Identity: Building a Powerful Brand (And 3 Reasons You Need To)

What is visual brand identity? Here we explain a brand identity’s main elements, how it's created and why exactly it's so beneficial to businesses.

5 Strategies to Create Shareable Social Media Content For Business (Plus 10 Tips to Improve Your Positioning)

Your team should be using one or more of these time-proven strategies to improve social media content for business.

How to Effectively Use Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Developers

Strategize, execute, and boost engagement for your real estate social media marketing with this step-by-step guide.

Social Media Video Services: Producing High-ROI Visual Messages

Social media video services are now an essential tool of the marketing toolkit.

8 Elements of a Successful Brand Messaging Strategy

For your perception of your brand to align with the consumer’s perception, you must create and communicate a consistent brand message.

Pain Points  

Find solutions to your creative and business challenges as we share ours (no acupuncture required).

Switching Lanes

Is it ever too late to change your career path?

When a Project Falters

I always enjoy working on a new project.

Success in the Philippines. No, really.

3 years ago I started BREVO, a creative agency in the Philippines.

Simply Brevo  

Find out how the Team creates insane ideas by keeping each other sane with life hacks, hobbies, and good times.

Breaking Down Agency Gibberish Jargon

Learn to understand marketing speak from industry professionals!

From Intern to Employed: Meet Driggs!

Learn how a promising art intern became our newest graphic designer.

From Intern to Employed! (PART TWO)

What can you gain from a Brevo internship? We interviewed a few ex-interns (now turned full-time employees!) to find out.

From Intern to Employed! (PART ONE)

What can you gain from a Brevo internship? We interviewed a few ex-interns (now turned full-time employees!) to find out.

Okay Computers

An online party need not be a shindig from hell.
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