After several years in the industry, advertising jargon has become a big part of Brevo’s culture and day-to-day work environment. To help creatives who are new to the game, we’ve come up with a breakdown of some of the most used words, acronyms, and phrases in Creative Marketing. Read more below!



A short and sweet expression of approval, G2G means your work is “good to go!”

“Let me know if these are G2G!”



A “Key Visual” or graphic that contains artistic elements and treatment that should be used repeatedly and consistently across brand or campaign materials.

“You may add KV options 1 and 2 to the client presentation.”


Above the line (ATL)

Advertising aimed at a wide audience. Think: radio, billboards, TV, magazines.

“So what will the ATL deliverables be?”


Below the line (BTL)

Advertising aimed at a small, targeted audience. Think: email, direct mail, brochures, flyers.

“They want us to focus on BTL executions for this campaign.”



Typically a one-line directive, a CTA or “Call to action” urges viewers, readers, or listeners to fulfill a specific action: shop now, click here, read more, etc.

“Minor revision: kindly change the CTA to Shop Now!”


Landing Page

A standalone web page that people “land on” after clicking an ad, so they can act upon an ad’s CTA or proposition.

“Our ad’s landing page is the brand’s e-commerce website.”



Together, UI and UX outline a user’s interaction with and overall experience of a website, app, or software. UI refers to “User Interface” while UX means “User Experience.

“Have we conducted UI testing yet? We launch tomorrow.”



A USP or “Unique Selling Proposition” is a product or service’s distinguishing benefit that drives buyers to choose it over competitor brands and offerings.

“Volvo’s primary USP is they’re the safest cars in the market.”



The various media used to support a marketing campaign, from digital adverts to printed material. Marketing collateral collectively promotes specific products, services, or brand messaging.

“Let’s start putting together collaterals for the upcoming pitch.”


Pain Point

A common or recurring problem that target customers are facing in their respective customer journeys, and that advertising professionals try to solve!

“Have you identified the target market’s pain points in their everyday lives?”



Images, videos, text, or audio posted online by a brand’s end users. UGC or “User-Generated Content” highlights authentic experiences with a product or service, encouraging others to try, buy, or subscribe too.

“Can we use UGC for our posts?”


Lead Gen

The process of generating “leads” or potential customers who are showing interest in your products or services. An engaging lead gen ad or campaign can help a company collect valuable contact details for future business use.

“We’ll start running lead gen campaigns next week.”


B2B, B2C

When a company sells its products or services to other businesses or vendors, we call it B2B or “Business to Business.” Likewise, we call companies who serve everyday consumers B2C or “Business to Consumer.”

“They don’t want to limit themselves to B2C. They’re expanding to B2B relationships as well.”



Otherwise known as “Electronic Direct Mail,” an EDM is digital marketing collateral that promotes products or announcements directly via email.

“All EDMs were sent back for revisions.”



When potential customers become actual buyers, or the act of responding to an ad’s CTA.

“What’s the average conversion rate for this ad?”



QA or “Quality Assurance” is a screening process ad agencies enforce to ensure all its outgoing material or finished work meets client and company standards.

“Make sure to QA everything before you send it to the client for approval.”



KPIs or “Key Performance Indicators” are statistics ad agencies keep track of to determine the success of a marketing campaign. e.g. profit margin, client retention, customer satisfaction, etc.

“Let’s determine our KPIs this month.”



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