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We have all learned to trust banks with our money and financial health. Yet, most people today have also fallen prey to industry-wide perceptions of poor and slow customer service. Here is where you can transform this scenario with the help of a bank marketing agency.

Chances are, if you have social media presence you have already sensed the heat from your audience. Many bank customers become easily irritated online because they want the convenience of modern digital services when banks are often stuck in the old methods of doing business.

Despite bank marketing teams’ best efforts to keep customers happy, satisfied, loyal, and educated, expectations for banking and personal finance today are changing rapidly and it may be hard to keep up.
In today’s digital age, consumers can access services without any location constraints. This is convenient and safe for customers, but not for banks and marketers who must now increasingly worry about higher churn rates due to the ease of opening and switching accounts.

To survive and thrive in this new norm, banks will often need to update their communication styles, messaging, marketing tactics and go-to channels. Here, a bank marketing agency can help find the sweet mix between the correct blend of creative marketing strategies.
Bank marketing has evolved rapidly. Contact Brevo, a bank marketing agency, to help build a new chapter in your bank’s history.

Why do bank marketing strategies need to change?

Earlier, marketing strategies were the prime source of spreading brand awareness. Today, we need to reverse engineer the process to fit a more significant role.

Here are some of the reasons that call for a change in the strategies of traditional bank marketing.

1. End-user expectations have changed

Consumers are beginning to trust customer reviews and objective web content more than promotional messages. The way they want to learn about various financial services and products has evolved drastically.

Bragging about yourself with promotional content is neither a reasonable strategy nor something your customer wants to see from you.

Instead, banks should embrace the digital age by becoming more lifestyle brands – personal finance tools like budgeting, new payment methods for top-ups and utility bills, among other services are all part of what it means to have a modern online bank today. Customers now expect this more and more.
bank marketing agency

2. Technology has evolved

When it comes to bank marketing, you need to think of that as an investment rather than an expense. Because after adopting this mindset, rather than minimizing those expenses, you focus on optimization.

Marketing automation is a boon from technology, alongwith the ability to measure return on investment and track sales. This particular thing has made it possible for companies to test marketing campaigns and track their results.
bank marketing agency

3. Data analytics

Today data is the holy grail for all banking institutions. With dynamic analytics, you can find prospective customers easily that are ready to spend.

And also, with it, you get access to the behavioral data of most prospects, which gives you the power to make the marketing targeting more precise.
bank marketing agency
bank marketing agency

The key to an effective bank marketing strategy

Today, there are few better ways to develop confidence with banking customers than by communicating and educating them.

In this process, the purpose of creating an updated bank marketing strategy should be to use tactics that help to educate and service customers better, often with the aid of technology.

Banks should not only rely on marketing teams, but also need to train a wider range of employees in a way that they will also be able to provide customers with all the information they need to generate trust.

Your customers will feel more confident to approach you for more guidance and services when they have trust that you’ll be able to solve their problems. And eventually, they will be more likely to use your financial services and refer them to others when that trust is established.

Top 6 marketing tactics for banks

1. Chatbots

Today your customers don't want to wait for assistance, and chat is one of the fastest-growing means of customer support. You can integrate chatbots or live chat in your website or apps and make it easier for customers to get help.

Live chat is ideal for standard customer queries such as checking accounts, screening, services, and other inquiries that you can solve through a few chats.

And having a general chat feature won't be enough. So you also need 24/7 chat services with a chatbot to offer general assistance such as opening accounts, deposit or withdrawal, checking account balance, or any other for that matter.

You can also add frequently asked questions in the chat to cater to new customers with minimal knowledge about your services and processes.
bank marketing agency

2. Personalization

Consumers don't only appreciate personalization anymore, but rather expect it. Sending irrelevant offers based on historical data just doesn't make any sense today.

AI and machine learning with big data allow you to offer hyper-personalized options, services, and products. This includes new services for budgeting, making mobile top-ups and paying bills, which eventually will shift many banks to become lifestyle brands, and not just finance services.

Big data provides banks with the luxury to target individual consumers rather than a common segment. And with that, you can also demonstrate to customers how their interest rates are calculated and offer additional rewards for paying in advance or investing in your services.

3. Search optimization for banks

Organic search has been a comprehensive source for banks to get traffic, and not just through desktop. Marketing content has to be thoroughly optimized for mobile and voice searches, as well.

With this bank marketing trend, you need to tweak content-sharing strategies to offer mobile and voice search users short answers, which will better help your content rank for featured snippets.

4. Omnichannel

Not everyone will try to know about your bank through your website. A significant proportion of the audience wants to learn more about your services through social media or videos.

Today, digital users often want to know about you before they decide to navigate to your site and open an account.

Some will also download your bank's app before doing so. Molding yourself to omnichannel marketing strategies is essential because customers verify your credibility with your social media presence.

5. Focus on customer experience

In bank marketing, the convenience of digital services has placed a larger emphasis on customer experience. Customers now expect 24/7 customer service, low costs to make or receive payments, improved transparency in policies, and much more.

The more a bank can communicate and service the high demands associated with online banking, the better.

6. Print advertizing

Traditional channels such as print advertising still have their place for banks, especially in regions like Southeast Asia and East Asia. Depending on the target market of the campaign, there are still some demographics in certain countries that regularly scoop up certain print magazines as go-to sources of authoritative content.

Being associated with those magazines may be key for certain bank offers, and hiring a regional expert in bank marketing like Brevo will help you know how to go about producing the right print ad campaign for the right products.

3 inbound digital marketing tips for retail banks

Banks can now segment, target, and personalize their message to the current and potential audience with inbound marketing tools.

Here are six proven inbound marketing tips to consider as you move forward.

1. Content marketing

Various types of compelling content distributed to prospective customers through different online channels is known as content marketing.

Such a strategy should attract and engage the target audience through the journey of deciding the bank they should use.

Your content should be informative, compelling, and something that your audience wants to watch or read about. It can be in different formats—social media updates, blogs, emails, videos, eBooks, and more.

Animated videos are one of the most high-impact formats of content marketing. Through digital storytelling, you can provide customers with complimentary advice, and doing this will position you as an expert in the industry.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your audience, and with a set of written messages, you can use email to send your audience additional messages after they've triggered a first action.

For example, you can send them weekly financial tips to educate them about your services.
The point of email marketing is to turn email recipients into customers. And you must segment the emails as per the subscribers to ensure you don't send to those who won't benefit from the offer.

3. Social media marketing and the multiverse

Social media platforms continue to prove their use for bank brands. And they're equally valid for supporting multiple tactics within bank marketing strategies.

With the advent of metaverse, dependence on social media is predicted to grow in subsequent years, with banks like JP Morgan leading the way by becoming the first bank to open up a storefront in the metaverse.

Banks must thus continue to leverage social media and the emerging opportunities that surround the metaverse in order to create and disseminate new banking experiences that will become to feel more like lifestyle brands and service.

A bank marketing agency success: Creating a Japan-focused print ad campaign for Metrobank

When it comes to marketing for banks, Brevo, as a bank marketing agency, has learned how to best help financial institutions to fulfill their marketing objectives with the right messaging and campaigns.

Metrobank is one of the oldest banks in the Philippines and has a significant presence in multiple banking segments. One central growth area for the institution is its "Japan Desk," a division that handles business to, from, and within Japan. Japanese investment and relations are an essential component of Metrobank's growth strategy.
Metrobank came to us requesting help to publish in a major Japanese magazine by producing a marketing campaign of print ads. They chose Primer, a lifestyle magazine aimed at Japanese readers, particularly businessmen and enterprise-level decision-makers.

It is printed in both English and Japanese formats. Metrobank wanted to run six English- and Japanese-language ads that detailed Japan Desk and five other divisions in the bank, each with unique propositions for Japanese investors.

The trick was to develop messaging and imagery that resonated with the Japanese market.

How did Brevo, the bank marketing agency, proceed?

After interviewing key personnel from the specified Metrobank divisions, we crafted six different messages that highlighted each division's unique selling points. We then studied Japanese media culture, noting what doesn't work in terms of imagery and copy pairings.

We proposed three different treatments per advertisement/bank division. We had to avoid imagery that may inadvertently offend Japanese sensibilities.

Once the copy and visuals were approved, we executed a photoshoot for scenario-specific ideas (which included talent acquisition, venue, props, art direction, and editing). Other images were sourced online.


Feedback was critical, so we worked closely with Metrobank on all aspects of the ads. We also managed the Japanese translation.
The six print ads ran for an entire year (one every two months), and on the strength of that campaign, Metrobank awarded us the second year of new Primer magazine ads.
Brevo aims to make people more aware of valuable financial services with updated marketing strategies.
Contact us and we’ll show you how customer research and new online marketing techniques are helping banks build better customer experiences and relationships.
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