Animated Video Agency: 
Produce Videos That Boost Digital Content Performance

An animated video agency provides specialized services for businesses to boost their engagement, retention, and sales through unique video content. In particular, animated videos can increase the time visitors spend on your webpage by 260% – as opposed to web pages with no videos.

In fact, 52% of marketers who have worked with animated videos agencies or have in-house video production teams claim that video marketing generates the best return on investment. The reason animated videos work is that these videos leverage the art of storytelling with both scripts and powerful customized visuals.

Animated videos, especially those created by a specialised animated video agency, add a layer of personalization and branding that might be difficult to achieve with live-action video because of constraints of hiring professional actors, scouting locales, or sourcing filming equipment.
animated video agency
Animated videos can be educational, informational, or entertaining, but they usually aren’t advertorial in nature. Today, they tend to have brand elements subtly scattered across the video in the form of logos or brand assets, but these videos refrain from using a direct call to action since their purpose is to elevate digital content performance.

Even tech giants like Google are using animated videos to explain complex ideas to their diverse audiences.

This animated video by Google Quantum is done in an artistic theme (with visible brush strokes) and talks about cloud computing in an animated format.

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How An Animated Video Agency Improves The Impact of Visual Messages

Brands can build improved recognition and visibility through videos created by an animated video agency, and the better these videos are produced, the stronger their impact.

The present-day social media landscape of visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok are built to support visual content through reels, short videos, or even longer educational videos, and they thus reward companies that share this content.

The rewards are manifested for brands as increased engagement, shares, and more people visiting brand websites.

Customer Representation

A great advantage to brands using animated videos is that they can craft specific customer personas for the purpose of the video making their actual customers feel recognized, heard, and represented.

This means that small steps in community building can bring great returns for businesses in the long run.
This animated video by The Travel Channel makes sure to represent its global audience in its educational video.

The diversity in the voice-overs for videos translates well for businesses with a wide customer base spanning continents. Animated video agencies use voiceover artists with different accents to build on inclusivity and integration.

Sketching out complex topics

For companies with very technical products or niche services, animated videos are a blessing as animators can sketch out the important details minus the complexity of the actual technological process.

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In this video, by BotCentral, an AI-based chatbot, technology-related concepts such as robotic automation are explained with the help of sketches and stickers inside the animated video.

Fantasy environments

Companies also benefit from the game-like environments that can be built-in animated videos. People feel intrigued by fantasy environments because they appear more interactive than live action production sets.
Dots and Co. does this really well for their meditation app.

Hyper-realistic Animation

At the other extreme, companies like FedEx, are also producing hyper-realistic animated videos to depict real-world customer dilemmas as done in this video.


• Animated videos can create characters based on actual buyer personas enhancing the message of diversity in their marketing.
• Simple sketches to represent complicated ideas
• Fantasy environments in videos to encourage interaction
• Hyper-realistic animation to represent real-world problems
 While marketing teams put their best foot forward building a diverse content portfolio, integrating animated videos (despite all their benefits) might seem like an overwhelming challenge.

This is where animated video agencies, like Brevo, step in.

How Does An Animated Video Agency Help?

‘93% of marketers have converted leads into sales after posting videos on social media. 92% of viewers share interesting videos with their friends’ 

— Brevo

Producing videos requires lots of time, effort, and software expertise to get it right.

Most marketing teams are pressed for time with an exhaustive list of marketing goals to accomplish. So upskilling your task force to create professional videos in the midst of planning strategy, publishing content, and creating events can seem like an even more daunting task.

Brevo is a creative marketing agency that hosts an in-house team for video production, which includes strategic thinkers working on boosting digital content performance for your brand, skilled animators with creative vision, and scriptwriters who craft compelling stories.

“The way we experience a story will evolve, but as storytelling animals, we will no more give it up than start walking on all fours."

— Jonathan Gottschall, author

Storytelling has evolved from being featured as cave paintings to motion videos on mobile phone screens (that stay on our person at all times)—and good animated videos reference a little of both. From addressing primal human emotions in its content to being produced on professional software with skilled creators, Brevo aims to create animated stories that cover both the human and digital spectrums.

From to characters to script:
Building your story

Animated video production at Brevo’s animated video agency begins by creating a comprehensive story that addresses your audience’s pain points, key concerns, and pet peeves.

To develop a creative story for your video, we paint interesting characters, make them perform in engaging plots, and have them tell an original message that resonates with your brand.

Once the story is ready as a script, artists and animators sit down to sketch out the details that make the story come alive. They create visuals that depict the characters through vibrant expressions, intriguing backgrounds, and seamless transitions.
After the video is produced at Brevo, it’s time for post-production—to decorate the tree, ice the cake, add the bells and whistles, so to speak.

Post-production involves adding graphics, colour correction, rearranging scenes, and adding music. These final touches to the video are what put it into shareable packages, and brand it with your company colours, logos, and fonts, all to make sure they get the engagement they deserve.

That’s how Brevo uniquely combines animation with fresh but compelling stories to lead your audiences to watch more, share more, and spend long hours on your digital platforms.

Let’s look at one instance where Brevo did this exceptionally well.

A Brevo Success Story

Traveloka started out as a small-sized travel platform and wanted to stand out to create a community of curious adventure travellers.

Brevo worked with them to create short video campaigns every month for social media.

Brevo used real-life media such as images, videos, and gifs from Traveloka to combine it with short animation clips capturing common traveller problems and explaining how Traveloka solves them.

This short video campaign addresses traveller dilemmas such as flight comparisons, choosing hotels, and selecting destinations in a way that the travellers felt related to.

Brevo did this through quotes, raw images, and a powerful narrative. Brevo’s animation, highlighting the key aspects of the experience, brought a zing to the visual campaign.

The videos proved to be massively popular on social media platforms because they were short, targeted, and creative. In just a few short years, Traveloka has tremendously grown in popularity and usage.

Looking to delight your customers with storytelling like this? Perhaps educate them about a new offering?

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