What Truly Matters

In a world of constantly shifting ideas and allegiances, it’s easy to pay lip service to the buzzing -isms of our day. At Brevo, we like to keep things simple. Our focus has always been on being a true, client-oriented, life-loving company. We want to have fun while we work and do stuff that makes our clients successful. 

That’s Brevo in a nutshell.
  • Brevo Culture

    Challenging conventions

    We empathize with our clients and seek their highest benefit to provide Brevo-ic solutions that are intuitive, world-class, engaging, and data-driven. It’s the digital age; trad solutions no longer cut it. You need holistic solutions that push your business forward. That’s where we come in.
  • Brevo Culture

    Excellence in diversity

    We welcome creative, multi-disciplinary thinkers to our team who impart experiences, share skills, and practice good work ethics. When you bring great people together, there’s a synergy that engulfs the work, resulting in good times and happy clients!
  • Brevo Culture

    Pulling up start-ups

    We want to give budding businesses a hand-up when we can, having once been a young company that grew through the kindness of others. We know the struggle! So we mentor when we can, as young gigs need all the help they can get to reach the next level.
  • Brevo Culture

    Well-rounded work approach

    We balance the work schedule of our employees, encouraging them to have a conducive personal life in and out of the office. None of this slave-driving, kill-the-golden-goose-to-get-the-eggs stuff. We want our people happy, committed, and doing their best work.
  • Brevo Culture


    We work on projects that challenge us to advance clients, uplift communities, and inspire change in the industry as a whole. Isn’t that what we should all aspire to? A company that only takes and never gives is a poor pursuit. If we win, so should others.

Where We’re Based

We're based in Makati, Philippines 
and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Just as important to our values is where we’re based. Our main office in the Philippines, home to some of the most talented and hardworking creatives in the world. We’re also the heaviest users of social media - we live, breathe, and understand it better than anyone. Plus the weather, food, the beaches. Come on we’re home to 7,641 islands. What better place to work? And while we all welcome the daily grind, we make it a point to make ample time for family, friends, and personal interests. Work is important but life is meant to be lived!


Brevo Touch

It's easy to say we're "edgy", "integrated", and "outside-the-box". But honestly, "compassionate" is more appropriate.
Here’s the bottom line: we at Brevo have a tremendous sense of gratitude for who and where we are, and this translates into our work. We care about what we do for our clients. Your success is our success and we’ll do all we can to elevate your brand, position, and sales. We’re also in it for the money. Just kidding. We are somewhat in it for the money. Mainly, we work because it’s a true calling. That’s the Brevo touch.

The Team

Get to know us!

Aaron Munson
Aely Lanuza
Ally Quirante
Alan Panoso
Carissa Lucasia
Gio Espiritu
Imran Saddique
Jan Maglente
Kylle Columna
Melinda Reyes
Reona Elicerio
Ruby-Anne Tequin
Tim Leachon
Toots Orosa

We're Hiring

We're always looking for the next great hire. 
Could it be you?

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